100% Natural, High Fiber Pasta

Delicious pasta that’s naturally better for you.

Pasta is one of the first commercial applications of our high fiber wheat flour. Its taste and texture is the same or better than other pastas made with traditional, alternative or enriched flour. And, powered by Good Wheat™ flour, our pasta is high in fiber and a good source of protein. Enjoy your favorite pasta dishes without sacrificing great taste and texture.

One Simple Ingredient, Naturally Better For You.

Nothing artificial, nothing modified, nothing added.
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High Fiber
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Good Source of Protein
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Resistant Starch
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Low Glycemic Index
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High Quality
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A Low Glycemic Index Helps Balance Energy Levels

Because GoodWheat High Fiber Wheat is higher in a resistant starch called amylose, it digests more slowly over a longer period of time, and dulls the body’s sugar responses relative to other types of flours, helping to curb fluctuations in energy levels.

Three Farm Daughters Pasta

Artisan Pastas

High fiber, 30% fewer calories, nutrient dense, Non-GMO, grown in the USA

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