GoodWheat Nutrient Dense Wheat

Nutrient Dense Super-Wheat, With More Fiber, Fewer Calories & Less Gluten

Wheat is a fundamental global ingredient that is high in fiber, vitamins and nutrients; it truly is the original super grain. Yet it is now often perceived as unhealthy and alternatives such as almond, chickpea, and brown rice present trade-offs. There is consumer demand for nutrient dense wheat-based foods that are also satisfying and deliver on texture and taste.

Our proprietary GoodWheat™ Nutrient Dense Wheat is fiber-rich with less gluten, and can be used instead of traditional wheat flour in a wide variety of foods: baked goods, crackers, flours, pastas, gravies and more. Now that is a Super Grain!

More Fiber icon
More Fiber

Fiber-rich, helping to improve overall digestion and maintain gut health.

USA Grown & Made icon
USA Grown & Made

Proudly grown, milled and made in the U.S.A.

Fewer Calories icon
Fewer Calories

Up to 30% fewer calories than traditional wheat and the lowest carb to fiber ratio on the market today.

Reduced Gluten icon
Reduced Gluten

50% less overall gluten and 75% less allergenic gluten than traditional wheat.

Great Taste & Texture icon
Great Taste & Texture

Delivers the same great taste and texture as traditional wheat applications.

Non-GMO icon

Developed and grown using all-natural, non-GMO methods. Nothing added, nothing artificial.

GoodWheat Nutrient Dense Wheat Product Applications

GoodWheat Nutrient Dense Wheat can be used in many different product applications where you might normally use traditional flour. Replacing your traditional flour with our Nutrient Dense Wheat adds all-natural nutritional density to all your recipes. Bake better with GoodWheat Nutrient Dense Wheat.

While our low gluten flour is not ideal for traditional bread making, you can improve the dough strength and rise by using 50% traditional flour and still enjoy the higher fiber, lower calorie benefits.

GoodWheat: The Key to a Better Wheat Experience.

It’s time to expect more from your wheat.
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High fiber, 30% fewer calories, nutrient dense, Non-GMO, grown in the USA

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