About Arcadia Biosciences

Enhancing the Quality and Nutritional Value of Crops for Today’s Consumer

Healthy People. Healthy Planet.

At Arcadia, we use science to enhance the quality and nutritional value of crops in order to deliver unique health and wellness benefits in consumer products. Since 2002, we’ve developed crops with higher nutritional value, improved climate resiliency, and maximized yield, shelf-life, and oil content. After going public in 2015, we turned our focus to non-GMO health and nutrition products and introduced the GoodWheat™ platform of specialty wheat ingredients, including varieties with higher fiber, resistant starch, reduced allergens and extended shelf life.

We’ve long proven our ability to optimize plants for their value to growers, food companies and consumers and to transform commodity crops for improved functional nutrition.

Our History

April 2002

Arcadia Biosciences Founded

Arcadia Biosciences was founded with a primary focus on research and development to improve the impact of agriculture on the environment and human health. Healthy People, Healthy Planet is still our goal today.

 SONOVA® GLA Safflower Oil

SONOVA GLA Safflower is an omega-6 fatty acid with broad health implications for human and pet health.

February 2010
April 2015

Arcadia Biosciences is listed on NASDAQ: RKDA

Arcadia is a leader in science-based approaches to enhancing the quality and nutritional value of crops and food ingredients.

Commercial Transition: Consumer-Ready Applications

Arcadia transitions from research and development of agricultural productivity traits to developing and commercializing non-GMO food ingredients.

December 2017
March 2018

GoodWheat™ Launches

Expanding the range of nutritious choices for consumers that seek healthier wheat-based options with no compromise on taste or texture.

RKDA Launches Hemp Division

New hemp division is created following approval of the 2018 Farm Bill.

February 2019
August 2019

Collaboration with Key Strategic Partners

Arcadia works with Bay State Milling and Arista Cereal Seeds to develop a strategy giving consumers broad geographical access to high fiber and nutrient-dense wheat.


Innovative trait research results in a commercial pipeline of superior hemp seed varieties with improved genetics, aiming to create a vibrant, dynamic hemp supply chain.

December 2019
December 2020

Three Farm Daughters Launches

Three Farm Daughters develops and launches new pasta and flour products Powered By GoodWheat™ to provide consumers more nutritious pantry staples.

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GoodWheat Nutrient Dense Wheat

GoodWheat Nutrient Dense Wheat is a super-wheat packed with more fiber, fewer calories, and less gluten.

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GoodWheat High Fiber Wheat

GoodWheat High Fiber Wheat delivers significantly higher amounts of resistant starch (amylose) than traditional wheat, dramatically reducing the need for non-wheat fiber additives.

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Process & Patents

GoodWheat’s patented varieties contain high levels of amylose. Our technology produces only non-GMO products.

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