Discover How Good Wheat Can Be

100% Natural Wheat Ingredients, Nutrient Dense and High in Fiber

GoodWheat. A Natural New Way to Unlock Nutrition

Better Nutrition from the Wheat Foods You Love
Good Source of Fiber icon
Good Source of Fiber

FDA classified as “high in fiber,” with 5x more fiber content than traditional wheat, aiding in overall digestion and gut health.

Good Source of Protein icon
Good Source of Protein

25% more natural protein than regular pasta and flour products.

Lower in Calories icon
Lower in Calories

Up to 30% fewer calories than traditional wheat and the lowest carb to fiber ratio on the market today.

Reduced Gluten icon
Reduced Gluten

50% less overall gluten and 75% less allergenic gluten than traditional wheat.

Low Glycemic Index icon
Low Glycemic Index

Digests more slowly over a longer period of time to help reduce fluctuations in energy levels.

Non-GMO icon

Developed and grown using all-natural, non-GMO methods. Nothing added, nothing artificial.

What is GoodWheat?

Healthier Options With Great Taste and Texture

Wheat is the most common source of plant-based protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and nutrients in diets around the world – but in recent years, careful eaters have begun to think of wheat-based foods as “empty calories.” And wheat alternatives such as almond, chickpea and brown rice compromise on taste and texture.

We developed GoodWheat using Arcadia’s powerful agricultural tools in addition to traditional breeding and growing practices. Arcadia’s agricultural researchers leverage the natural diversity in plants to identify varieties with valuable characteristics – like those in GoodWheat! Our team of plant scientists, breeders, agronomists, farmers, and food scientists are continually dedicated to rediscovering how good wheat can be. We’re proud to offer GoodWheat as a wholesome, healthier choice for producers and consumers.

Consumers & Manufacturers

Growers & Millers

Better Nutrition With Every Bite

By offering consumers a wider range of healthy choices in the wheat-based foods they love, we’re working to promote better nutrition. If you’re a food producer or brand manager looking for a distinct, sustainable market advantage, we’d love to talk to you. From formulation assistance to brand support, we’re here to ensure your success.

Resistant Starch

Resistant starch has beneficial characteristics of both insoluble and soluble fiber. Much like insoluble fiber, it passes into the colon undigested, but once there, it behaves like soluble fiber and feeds the good bacteria that live there.

Excellent Taste & Texture

Nutrient dense products often compromise on taste or texture. Because GoodWheat performs like a regular wheat flour in almost all product applications, you no longer need to sacrifice great taste and texture for nutrition. Products made with GoodWheat will cook and taste the same or better than similar products made with traditional flour.

Our Approach To Gluten

26% of Americans consider themselves gluten reducers. Now, consumers can choose foods and beverages with reduced levels of gluten that still taste like they include standard wheat. And foods made with GoodWheat can deliver 75% lower levels of allergenic glutens while offering the same baking quality, taste, and texture as traditional wheat.

100% Natural, Plant-Based Nutrition

Our wheat is 100% natural and non-GMO as well as being exceptionally high in nutritional value. Products made with our wheat have more fiber, protein, and resistant starch than any comparable, all-natural wheat products on the market today. They also have lower levels of gluten for those that are actively reducing their gluten intake.

Prebiotic/Digestive Health

Fiber is a natural source of food for the microbiome in your gut. Because GoodWheat is high in fiber, it also acts as a prebiotic to enhance overall gut health and subsequently overall health.


GoodWheat products are all distinctive and patented for their fiber, resistant starch, and reduced gluten benefits.

GoodWheat Product Applications

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